Your Travel Essentials Checklist

The excitement you feel pretravel to your destination is unparalleled! But with all that excitement can come the anxiety of travel prepping, with so much to remember to pack and prepare for. But with Rockwell’s carefully compiled checklist of absolute essentials for you to bring along, your trip to South Africa can stay perfectly breezy, with all the excitement and none of the pretravel jitters.

Here are some necessities for your trip to South Africa.

Tip: Remember to keep any liquids you fly with to under 100 ml. Anything larger can be confiscated! So keep your travel creams and liquids small and sealed in a travel bag to avoid unnecessary complications.

Let’s start with the paperwork; your Travel documents!

You won’t be going anywhere in a hurry without these; your travel and identity documents are key to getting from A to B. Be sure to scan or take a picture of the following documents and email them to yourself in addition to packing them in, so you always have a copy in case of emergencies. You’ll need:

- Passport
- Travel visa (if required)
- Drivers License or other ID
- Travel/health insurance documents
- Travel tickets/boarding passes
- Accommodation Confirmations

Tip: It helps to keep all your travel documents in one folder that you can easily access. Keep it in your backpack for safekeeping, and put it away immediately when it’s not necessary.

How about your everyday electronic companions?

Our cellular devices are our way of keeping in contact with the rest of the world and holding onto our important information. It’s also the easiest way to gather information when you’re in a new place, and to help you find your way in unfamiliar territory. Your cell phone should be the next thing you pack in, along with:

- Mobile Charger
- Portable Power Bank
- USB Cable
- Travel SIM Card
- Electronic plug converter (you can also purchase these at the airport)
- Earphones/headphones
- Your other favourite mobile devices and their corresponding chargers.
- Your Camera for those photo-worthy moments.

Tip: Set up your mobile service for roaming well before you travel, and make sure you are able to buy data as you need it. Charge all your mobile devices and power banks before you travel so you can set off with a strong start.

Your Health should be your Priority even while Traveling

Before you travel, you should make sure you have enough medication to last the duration of your trip, and it’s always best to be over-prepared instead of under when it comes to your health. So make sure you pack:

- Travel-sized First Aid Kit
- Your Medication (including Imodium, paracetamol, antihistamines, anti-malaria tablets if - you’re in a malaria area - rare)
- Prescriptions
- Multivitamins
- Hand Sanitizers/Wet wipes

Tip: It’s always a good idea to have a routine doctor’s visit before you travel, particularly overseas. Also, plane travel is notorious for transmitting the common cold, so to avoid feeling under the weather when you arrive be sure to stay hydrated, sanitize your hands, and take extra vitamins.

Some Comforts to Make your Trip even Easier

There are a few odds and ends you can pack to make the trip more bearable. While they can be bought wherever you’re going, it’s certainly more comfortable to keep them on hand for whenever you’ll need them. You can bring:

- Phrasebook for the country you’re visiting
- Insect repellent cream
- Wet wipes
- Tissues
- Hand Lotion
- Batteries (must stay in carry-on luggage)
- A laundry bag
- Sealable bags for Toiletries
- Sunblock (High SPF, especially for South Africa!)
- A small sewing kit for emergencies
- Travel umbrella

Here are some creature comforts you can bring with you for the flight, especially if it’s a long one!

- Travel blanket
- Travel neck pillow
- Microfibre Travel Towel
- TSA compliant Travel toiletry kit
- Eye mask

Tip: Remember to keep your luggage locked, and keep the key on your person at all times. It’s also beneficial to keep a small lockbox with your valuables inside, like jewellery, cash, etc.

We hope this guide helps you prepare for your big South African getaway! If you’re still looking for your home away from home for your Cape Town holiday, the Rockwell Hotel and Luxury Apartments offers spacious rooms and apartments suitable for all travellers, with plenty of space to keep your many travel essentials and home comforts.

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