The Rockwell Guide to Planning the Perfect Year-End Party

Spring is in the air and while that means more sunny skies and bright, beautiful flowers, it also means if you haven’t started planning your year-end function yet, you better get started!

Planning the year’s biggest and most fabulous gathering for the whole office sounds like a huge mountain to climb, but we’ve got your sorted with an easy to follow, step-by-step guide on what you need to create a fun, morale-boosting event.

Have you been tasked with planning and implementing this year’s Christmas party? Check out our list below & pop us a comment if there is anything you believe we’ve missed!

  • Find and book the perfect party space:

Where the party is held is a crucial first-step as without a venue, the event doesn’t take place. Make a quick list of all your employees so that you know exactly how many people the space must hold before you begin your research. When contacting venues, be sure to ask what is included in their fee as some will include all tables, chairs, cutlery and even some food and drinks.

For parties of 185 or less, the Rockwell Dinner Theatre is the perfect option! Our fee includes the venue, cutlery, crockery, staff and more!

  • Choose a Theme:

While a party is a party, choosing a theme is a fun way to add a little more pizzazz to the event. Why not opt for a dress-up party with a theme such as ‘Movie Characters’? With this theme, each person must come dressed as a movie character starting with the same letter as their first name.

  • Find and book catering:

Some venues, like the Rockwell Dinner Theatre, include catering in their fee, or at least have it as an additional option. If that is the case, simply choose the food options you would like ahead of time. If not, do some research to find the perfect caterer for your event. And remember, book early and be as inclusive as possible with halaal and vegetarian options.

  • Organize Transport:

Whether you simply organize a few employees to be the designated drivers to transport the rest of the staff to the party or opt for large rental vehicles or Ubers, you will want to ensure everyone can get to and from the party safely.

  • Entertainment:

If the Rockwell Dinner Theatre is your top choice, planning entertainment will be a breeze! Our fee for the evening includes lighting, sound and a sound engineer for your use. Wish to have a DJ? You can either bring your own or we can bring one in for you. Easy as that!

  • Drinks:

End of year functions have a reputation for getting rowdy! Some companies may offer an open bar, while others will put a limit on alcohol consumption. Whichever you choose, it is best to ensure you have a wide variety of drinks on offer, including non-alcoholic options for those who wish not to drink.

Time to celebrate!

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