How To Get a Good Nights’ Sleep In a Hotel Room

How To Get a Good Nights' Sleep In a Hotel Room

While being on vacation is utterly exciting, it also means you are staying in a hotel and away from the comfort of your own bed. While hotels often do their best to give you the most comfortable bed possible, getting a good nights’ sleep in a hotel is not easy for everyone.

Here are our tips to ensure you have the best hotel room sleep possible:

  1. Book a room with the same size bed that you sleep in at home. This along with a pillowcase from home, or ensuring the bed has just the right number of pillows, can create a little home away from home.
  2. Hotels will always be filled with travellers like yourself, so some degree of noise is to be expected. Keep things quiet by requesting a room as far from the elevator as possible, and on the highest floor possible. We’d also recommend bringing along a pair of earplugs if you are an especially light sleeper.
  3. Make sure the air conditioner or heater in your room is working. Ensuring your room is at the exact temperature you prefer will give you a much more comfortable sleep without too many disruptions. No one enjoys waking up with the chills or a hot flash!
  4. Try to stick to the same routine. If you normally head to the gym for a run, then take a shower, and finally enjoy your coffee with the daily newspaper, try to continue the same routine while you are away.
  5. While some hotel rooms will come equipped with black-out curtains, some will not. Keep things as dark as possible at bedtime by bringing along a sleep mask. If the hallway light seeping underneath the door is a bother, simply place a rolled-up towel on the floor in front of the door.
  6. Unwind before you officially head to bed by avoiding any stimulating activities. We’d recommend powering down your electronics and busting out a magazine or good book and enjoying a warm cup of chamomile tea.