12 Ways to Stay Busy During Load shedding

Recently, Cape Town has been hit with another sudden influx of load shedding. Surprise! While this may seem like a sick joke from the folks who manage our power, this is our unfortunate reality. BUT, we choose to look on the bright side (ha!) and acknowledge the fact that although a bit inconvenient at times, load shedding will not get us down.

We’ve put together a list of some fun & exciting things to do around the city or ways to keep busy at home during the blackout hours.


  1. Kaapse Stories Dinner Show:

This incredible dinner show experience includes a 4-course buffet meal and a welcome glass of bubbly or orange juice. The best part? Shows run whether we have electricity or not thanks to the amazing work of a generator!

  1. Rockwell Cafe:

You know that feeling when you are in the middle of cooking a scrumptious dinner for your family and the power suddenly goes out? Yeah, we hate that too! But, we’ve got you covered there. Head to the Rockwell Café inside the Rockwell Hotel. With generators on stand-by you’ll be treated to a delicious meal during blackout hours. We’ve even got board games!

  • Where: Inside the Rockwell Hotel
  • Visit the Rockwell Cafe page to check out what’s on offer

3. Become one with nature:

There really is no better time to unplug and head outdoors! Go for a hike, lay around on the beach if the weather is warm or bring a picnic basket full of goodies to your favourite park.

  1. Play games:

Bust out the dusty set of cards or old pile of board games you have hidden away and exercise your competitive side.

  1. Eat by candle light:

If your favourite take-aways joint has a generator then hop over to grab a few dishes to enjoy by romantic candle light in the comfort of your home.

  1. Have a braai:

One good thing about having a braai is that there is no electricity needed! Just the basics: charcoal or wood, fire starters and some chops!

  1. Watch the stars:

When was the last time you sat outside in your back yard at night to reflect and watch the beautiful stars twinkling above you? Now is a good time!

  1. Light a fire:

For those with a home featuring a fire pit, there is no better time than during load shedding to bond with the family with marshmallows around a fire.

  1. Go for a run:

Unlike some of the fancy exercise machines at the gym, going for a simple run outside requires nothing but you and your legs (well, and a good pair of trainers!).

  1. Read a book:

This one is especially good for students who have no time to read for personal pleasure throughout the semester. The power is out, take a break and read something for YOU!

  1. Yoga:

Does having the power go out stress you out? Bring out your yoga mat, light a few candles and get into the zone.

  1. Spring Cleaning:

Okay, we know it is pretty much winter already, but it’s never too late to get the house clean and organized. You might even thank Eskom after you’re done! Okay, that might be a stretch!

Have any other exciting load shedding activities to add to our list? Pop us a comment below!


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