10 Steps to Becoming a Travel Blogger

The appeal to work in the digital space, or better yet, to find jobs that can be done remotely has become increasingly popular, especially over the last year or so. With the business and craziness of everyday life in the modern world, we’re noticing that people crave flexibility and a balanced lifestyle now more than ever before.

The reality is, these types of positions are often hard to find! The best solution? Become a sole trader and work hard to make things happen for yourself.

If you are an avid traveler, why not use that to your advantage and start a travel blog to document your adventures? The best part is, with these 10 steps, you can be well on your way to creating a successful, and monetized one!


  1. Create beautiful, useful content

Enjoying your time exploring is one thing, but documenting it is another! Additionally, documenting for personal memories and documenting for others are also two very different things. In order to be successful in this regard, we recommend brushing up on your photography skills (whether it be on a digital SLR or simply your iPhone X), creating a personal look and feel, and doing some research on what people really want to know about the different areas you are going to be traveling to.


  1. Read….ALOT!

Running a blog that you wish to monetize is just like running a business (because it is one!), so treating it like a business is key. As with running any other type of business, or with being in specialized positions in any field, keeping up to date with the trends, what the experts have to say and what people are already doing in your niche is invaluable to the success of your blog.


  1. Find your niche

With so many bloggers out there today, it is important to set yourself apart not only in your look and feel or writing style, but also in what you choose to write about or document. Yes, you want to create a travel blog, but don’t forget that you can’t be everything to everyone, so spend some time thinking about how you can narrow down your focus.


  1. Be yourself

There is nothing worse than coming across a million and one blogs that all seem to sound the same with photograph styles that blend into one another. The best way to have a reader for life is to be unapologetically, and authentically yourself. You want people to enjoy your content, but also be able to feel like they can connect with you on a personal level.


  1. Invest & get noticed

Because blogging is nothing new, you will want to spend both time and money investing in your new little businesses in order to get noticed. This is done in a few ways including, but not limited to: being niche, doing and being different than the pack, marketing yourself, brushing up on your Search-Engine-Optimisation (SEO) skills and even spending a little bit of money on social media or Google adverts for a boost.


  1. Don’t forget the power of social media

It might seem like too much extra effort to now have to share all of your content on social media, but trust us, the success of your blog depends on it! Instagram is strictly about imagery, so if you want to use this platform (we recommend you do!) it is important to ensure your photographs are as beautiful as possible. Additionally, ensure you use relevant hashtags in order to be found organically, geo-tag the locations and tag people & businesses that feature in your images.


  1. Collect emails

One amazing way to connect with your readers (and ensure you have a record of them should anything go wrong with your website) is by collecting email addresses of your followers and sending out periodic e-mail newsletters. This will help your followers stay up to date with new blog posts you put up or to be first in line to enter a competition you may run. Simply add a ‘Subscribe’ pop-up on your website to prompt readers to sign up.


  1. Invest your time

Being a travel blogger may look and sound glamorous (and it definitely is!) but it still requires a lot of hard work. Before jumping into it, commit to doing it right and spend as much time and effort on creating your content and connecting with your readers as possible. What you put into your blog is what you will get out.


  1. Find more ways to bring in money

Being successful in this business often comes with other businesses wishing to partner with you and or paying you to attend their hotels or try their goods and write reviews thereafter. However, it is important to not rely on this wholeheartedly. We recommend diversifying your revenue stream by including a mix of the following:

  1. Affiliate Marketing
  2. Sponsored Content
  3. In-content advertising
  4. Create a product
  5. Freelance writing


  1. Never give up

The blogging industry is a volatile and very competitive one, but one that has so many amazing benefits! When you first get started, it is not uncommon to feel overwhelmed and like you want to simply throw in the towel. Keep positive, speak to others you respect in the industry for more tips, and keep at it!







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